What Is A Car’s Auxiliary Belt?

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Every car has numerous parts that are making it work correctly. When you go for the maintenance of your vehicle and the mechanic told you that it has an issue with an auxiliary belt. The first question that arrives in mind is what a car’s auxiliary belt is and what the role of it is.

Well, an auxiliary belt plays a vital role in driving the AC compressor. It also helps in power steering pump water pump and the alternator.  These are connected to all these parts from the components to the crankshaft pulley.

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You can find that one or more belts are used in modern cars, and these are also known as with another name serpentine belt. It gets this name because of the way these twist around the multirole pulleys.  So, it performs many jobs at once. There are also small drive belts in the cars.


There is need of checking out auxiliary belts in every couple of months. If you bought a new car, then it will work correctly for many years but after that maintenance is required. The rubber drive belts need replacement in every couple of months.

Professionals make sure that the tensions between pulleys are perfectly balanced or not. They push the belt with a finger and ensure that it is perfectly tight or not. As if the belt flexes much more than it should be like more than one inch then there is need of replacement. These machine drive belts are cheap and can fulfill your requirement.