What Is A Blower On A Car?

breathe fresh air

You may have seen a blower in your car and wondered about it why is it there? Lots of people have the same question. Well, there are two different uses of the blower. Basically, it is a piece of equipment which is used to move air inside the car or around.

As told, car blowers do two different work, but the primary purpose is to rotate air. Every modern car has the multi-speed blower added inside. These are the part of climate control system. It passes the air inside the car and moves out of it.

climate control system

It also helps in an evaporator, AC, heater core and floor vents to move the air out of the car. This blower makes your car temperature lower or maintains it according to it. These are some of the amazing benefits you can avail with ease. It helps you breathe fresh air from outside and keep on removing bad air from the car.

Additional Use

 The second use of blower is as the roots type supercharger. It is also called as Roots Blower. These help in many ways like they pressurize air going into the internal combustion cylinders and it also helps by increasing the mass of oxygen.

Due to oxygen in the cylinders, the combustion takes place so that more and more fuel can be sent for combustion. It helps the car to generate more power. So, both blower plays an important role and provide excellent strength and improve your engine work correctly.