How To Use Everstart Jump Starter?

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There are so many brands available out there to offer Jump Starters. These are helpful to start a car that doesn’t have sufficient battery power for self. EverStart Jump Starters is one of the products that are available in the market for a long time which is used by many.

In order to start a car instantly, this product can help in many ways. The main feature of such product is an assortment. You can choose the voltage, and it really comes handy. If a garage owner is going to buy this product, he can start any car with ease.

Lots of people buy such lithium ion jump starter but using these products is really typical and requires little bit attention. Well, this guide will help you know the method of using a jump starter perfectly.

Things to consider

The lithium-ion jump starter is easy to use, and it can be used to charge electronic devices as well as it can be used as a power back. It is portable jump starter and reliable also. There is a couple of things that you need to ensure before using jump starter.

  • You need to provide that jump starter, must be turned off before connecting leads to the unit and the battery of the vehicle.
  • All the utility of car must be turned off. Ensure that lights, AC, Radio, etc. are turned off or not. You can remove the key.
  • Both the clamps of the battery must not contact each other. It can be harmful and cause numerous issues.

After ensuring it, you can focus on the use of lithium-ion jump starter. It is three step process only, and you can try it out now.

portable jump starter


  1. First of all, you have to connect the jump leads to starter in the position of Off. Many of units have the cables permanently attached so you can skip it or ignore this step.
  2. You need to connect the red jumper clamp with the positive terminal and the black clamp to any of stable point like chassis.
  3. Now connect the negative jumper clamp to the negative terminal of vehicle’s battery. It is common practice and works perfectly.
  4. You may be thinking that why to connect with chassis. Well, the vehicle battery will be providing hydrogen gas.
  5. It is the time when you have to focus on startup. The jump starter can be turned on now, and it will help you start the car.
  6. Ignition of the car is ready to turn on now. Give an attempt and if the motor doesn’t turn over then do not crank the engine. Wait for five seconds.
  7. Now, the jump starter will be forced to deliver maximum current to start this car. It works for a short burst of time.
  8. Try again, and the engine will start now. Make sure to remove the jump starter as the car start.

Using lithium ion jump starter is really easy, and you can follow the eight steps given above to start a car.